We are proud to present “Pastinsky”, our first exhibition at Espacio Visible. Opening on the 4th of April 2013, the show focuses on the paintings by self-taught, Catalan artist, Joaquín de Llobet Llavari, who takes up painting at 78 – seven years before his death. A period of extraordinary productivity during which “Pastinsky” is born, Llobet Llavari’s alter ego and the author of a body of work that stems from the urge to express himself, without any pretence of public recognition. Produced in the privacy of his home and at the periphery of institutionalized art, his work introduces us into a highly personal universe, filled with motifs and references to his multiple obsessions and interests, such as politics, religion and art. His impetuous stroke, the appropriation of industrial material, and his impatient spontaneity gave way to a pictorial language that ranges between the confines of naïve figuration and abstraction; between literality and secret codes. Thereby, building a body of work that is both aesthetically diverse and experimental.

However, Pastinsky’s paintings are not only exceptional thanks to their captivating honesty and fine sense of humour. Their exceptionality is also due to the author’s emancipation from the rules of contemporary artistic production and reception, conditioned by its theorization and the digital reproduction of artistic media. In this way, we can somehow speak of a virginal body of work, which having been conserved in a private space until today, preserves a radical intimacy, that is absolutely rare in these days of virtual ubiquity. This show invites us into Pastinsky’s universe as a place suspended in reality, located between the institutional art discourse and raw artistic expression.

The show opened on April 4th at c/Trafalgar 43, 08010 Barcelona.

Installation views