IMG_7449IMG_7388IMG_7325IMG_7438IMG_7384IMG_7364IMG_7428IMG_7320IMG_7425Mirjam Jacobs

Images: Luis Giordana Diaz

Mike i Maike present “The Room of the Pilgrim”, an exhibition by the German artist Mirjam Jacob (1983), that opens on September 19th, 2013. In her first show in Spain, Jacob invites us into an intimate space that serves as a shelter for a nomadic subject; the pilgrim. Free of any territorial attachment, this figure sets out on a devotional journey, motivated by the desire to seek the sacred. Thus, the pilgrim wanders into inhospitable lands, submitting himself to absolute isolation. A solitary exodus towards uncertainty, far away from the worldly, from society, and in a way, from the self. This figure of the pilgrim becomes the leitmotiv of Jacob’s work – its isolation, loss of identity, but also, its vitality. Concepts which she also invokes in her intuitive drawings, that are aesthetically close to Art Brut. “The  Room of the Pilgrim” explores the liberty and emancipation that arises from this retreat. In that way, the abandoned refuge built by Jacob speaks of lost rights. The rights to anonymity and intimacy being some of the most recently expropriated and commodified values. “The Room of the Pilgrims” opens September 19th at 19.30 in Espacio Visible c/ Trafalgar 43, Barcelona.